Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

By : Gigasoft |

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of 2018.

Without a doubt will it have a significant impact on our future way of living. However, AI is still new to many people and the majority can’t categorize it properly.

We at GigaSoft see it our duty to inform you about this huge trend as it will also have a game-changing  effect on the business world.


The world is changing at rapid pace. Since the invention of the internet, information access and exchange has never been so fast and easy. Especially science took big step and enabled things we never considered to be possible. Suddenly, there are talking computers, self-driving cars and plans about colonizing the mars.

It is no surprise that many people can’t catch up with this fast-changing technological advancement and miss out on learning about the most important key term of the 21st century: Artificial Intelligence.


The opinions differ on this question. The majority of people think AI is all about robots, who look, talk, behave, and even think like a human. While this is also true, AI already starts at much simpler processes. Basically, AI is every task performed by a computer, which normally requires human intelligence.
You differentiate between weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI focuses on solving one task only. Strong AI is able to use its intelligence to solve any given problem, which strongly resembles human-like thinking processes. 

To function, AI depends on a massive pool of data. The machine uses the ideal decision for a certain situation. AI can even identify images, like faces, emotions or environments and  understand speech, like language translations or voice recognition.


Humans are masters of adaptation. During our evolutionary journey, we constantly invented new tools to make our daily tasks and survivals easier. The spear for hunting, the wheel for movement, the telephone for communications and the internet for…well, everything. These inventions were revolutionary and are still ever present in our daily lives. One thing is certain. AI is the next big innovation to change our lives forever. 

No technological invention in human history evolved as quickly as Artificial Intelligence. This is thanks to its human-like ability to constantly learn and improve itself - autonomously. This process is called Machine Learning (ML) and it builds the backbone of Artificial Intelligence.

Everything AI does is based on gathered data. And it can collect it faster and store it better than humans ever could. This is the huge benefit of AI towards humans and reason for its high potential and success.

AI can’t only take over human activities. It can improve them even further. Finding anomalies in soft-wares can be done in seconds, which would take human several hours. Organizing information about your company will be a piece of cake. Manually entering data is a matter of the past. The efficiency of businesses will increase heavily.


There are endless possibilities to use AI effectively. To give you a better understanding of how this could look like, we created a list with some real-life examples of AI applications during your daily life.

  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Virtual Personal Assistants (Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc.)
  • Antivirus Software
  • Computer Games
  • Smart Electronics (Smart TV, Smartphone, Smart Car, etc.)
  • Social Media (Snapchat, Facebook, instagram, etc.)
  • Chat-bots
  • Security Surveillance (face detection)
  • Cyber Security (firewall)
  • Data Analysis (google analytics)
  • Navigations Systems (google maps)


AI dominates the news right now. It is at the center of current technological, business and medical advancements. There are thousands of different projects regarding AI right now and, without doubt, will we hear about several groundbreaking inventions in the near future.

Still, AI is a complex topic which brought up many societal controversies. It has a lot of benefits to offer, but can be frightening at the same time. For some, AI is the doom of mankind. For others, it is the next step into a promising and better future.