Attract Customers To You Mobile App

By : Gigasoft |

Even if you have put a lot of effort to develop an awesome app, your business might still fall if nobody is aware of it.

So, what do you do to stand out of the crowd among the millions of apps?

The worst scenario can be when the smartphone users do not download any app in a month, or maybe download a maximum of two apps every month. When it comes to mobile user acquisition, there are several ways, that can help you.

In this blog post, we are going to cover some of the most popular acquisition approaches that can help you in attracting your target market.

Attract customers – Start by devising a marketing strategy

Treat your app like any other product release. For its marketing strategy, consider:

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Develop a website and a blog section in it
  • Write Press Releases
  • Paid Advertisement in different platform
  • App Store Optimization

Persuasive Sales Pitch

List down all the strengths, uniqueness and features of your mobile app. How is it different from your competitors? What features is your app offering? Who is your audience? While developing a sales pitch, remember to interact with your audience and create an emotional sense required to download the app. There is no point when you can’t convince people to download your app.

Find some people who can be influential users of the app and get more users on-board directly. Remember to take their feedback during their experience. During the Pre-launch of the app ask them if they would mind sharing their experience of the app on their social media platforms. Later on, do not forget to reward or compensate the trail users for their time invested in testing.

Attract customers – Teaser Campaigns

Nowadays movies are using teaser campaigns to sell their tickets. Similarly, developers can use teasers to promote their apps. YouTube lets you run app teaser campaigns to build a flair of excitement about your product among your users.

Attract customers – Blogging

Set up an informative blog and work on it regularly. Understand that blogging and social media marketing go hand in hand. Technological websites are very useful in generating traffic. So try guest blogging and get your product featured.

Leverage other platforms for app discovery

40% of the app discoveries take place in the Stores, but 60% don’t. These people look for apps through search and YouTube placement, or recommendations from other websites. Many of the apps are discovered through search engines. They have a great rate of return for paid search engine advertisements.

Don’t stop your marketing after the launch phase

Some downloaded apps are never opened. To avoid such negative actions, you need to engage with users so they start to use your app in long-term value. For longevity, you need to create a consistent and recurring need for the app. You should conduct market research to know why your users will need your app. How and when they will use it. You can also offer discounts and additional benefits that can come directly with the mobile app.

Attract customers – Regular Interaction

Create a dialogue with your users. It should be a two-way interaction. How you handle them, their queries, issues, and suggestions will determine the long-term success of the app.


The best way to get the attraction for your app is through word-of-mouth. Not only it creates a viral effect, but people trust each other opinions.

Attract customers – Press Releases

A third-party endorsement is the best way to market your app. Start by identifying a journalist who has already written about the similar category. Then write them in a very concise pitch. If the press release doesn’t work in your local place, then you can go for secondary English speaking market.

Attract customers – Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to show your app’s capabilities. They can go further than text and screenshots. They can provide a real glimpse into the user experience. Create a short video that gives a tour to your app but avoid low-quality production. With short videos, you can popularize app on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The video might not go viral, but you might get some downloads and add a ting of professionalism to your business.

As there are a lot of apps on the market, the simple promotion will not help you. Marketing your app to attract an audience and persuading your visitors to download it. For this, you need to plan a strategy and to aim at communicating with your users in the long-term game. There can be no single level strategy for marketing your product. Make use of the mentioned strategies to help you build the credibility of your product and influence your potential customer’s behavior before they get to your download page.

An effective acquisition strategy is important to grow your mobile app. But this is not the end. Just acquiring new users isn’t sufficient. If they open your app once or twice before uninstalling, it will hamper your stats. So, a solid retention strategy can help you reap great value out of your invested capital. The longer you keep your users, the more valuable your business will get.

If you plan to develop an app for your business, do not hesitate to contact GigaSoft and we will be glad to help you out.