How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business

By : Gigasoft |

AI is the buzzword of 2018.

Thanks to the unlimited reasons the hype is justified. Nonetheless, the secret is to set up first the data science fundamentals before implementing the solution.
Let our machine learning experts create a proof of concept for you and automate all the time intensive processes in your company.


Artificial Intelligence is based on data to function. What makes AI so innovative and valuable is its ability to learn and improve on its own. Without human help. Advanced Data Analytics makes use of this autonomous machine learning to gain deep insights of customer, user, and device behavior.


The times of waiting for your statistics are over. Real Time Analytics converts the results of several important events into coherent information within a second. You will be able to access received data the moment it happens. This revolutionary solution speeds up decision-making processes and helps improving the overall user experience of your website or App.


Understanding data can be difficult and confusing. This especially applies for the complex graph databases. Artificial Intelligence is able to analyze and process the complex graph data relationships and retrieve various information from it at once. 


To communicate the gathered data effectively, it needs to be visually converted into graphics. With the help of data visualization tools, you can create graphs, discover new patterns and explore relationships among data points. Complex data becomes understandable, comparable and usable. 


Sad, Happy, Big, Small, Male, Female – Artificial intelligence can identify and categorize digital images by making use of certain computer algorithms and existing data. Let the computer work for you. Every new image is added to the data pool and contributes to the autonomous learning process.

  • Face & Emotion Recognition
  • Object Detection & Classification
  • Quality Control


Artificial Intelligence improves the information gathering process for businesses and autonomously collects massive amounts of data, which can be used to optimize customer-services, detect frauds or predict user behavior.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Anomaly Detection


Have you ever wanted to talk with a computer? Artificial Intelligence makes it possible. It can understand natural languages and interact with us by reading, writing, listening and speaking. By progressing the data from these interactions, it continuously learns and improves itself. 
- Contract Analysis
- Text to Speech & Speech to Text
- Document Classification


The potential of Artificial Intelligence is enormous. Without doubt, it will shape our future way of living. There are countless possibilities to use it for improving all kinds of daily activities.

  • Cyber Security
  • Logistics
  • Financial Data